Welcome to the new Gothomo.com! As you are most likely noticing, everything is quite a bit different than before. Think of this design makeover as a metaphor for the new turn that Gothomo Comics has made. As many of you are aware of, Christina and I decided to call it quits on the old format with Ves and Allen, which is now titled, “Gothomo Classic”. We are moving on to a series of storyline comics, the first being “Tyra”. You see, after sixty-five Gothomo Classic comics Christina and I were forced to admit that I am incapable of producing a joke-by-joke comic. It’s simply too contrary to my writing style. While some of the Gothomo Classic comics were big hits with the fans, most were light chuckles at best. That is why were are moving on to this new format of storyline comics.

You may be disappointed to know that these comics aren’t going to be entirely humorous, but are rather more like modern myths set with a base of Greek and Roman mythologies. This is different and we sincerely hope that you give our new brainchild a chance.

With love,